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nudity warning!

citorihunter: WOW, great pic...I'd love to play with you cam to cam. Check my profile and let me know if your interested.
gothfox: thanks
citorihunter: no thank you
gothfox: nice porn picture on your profile
citorihunter: lol, my x took that of me in her studio one night when we were playing aroung
citorihunter: around
gothfox: some how I don't believe that..I've seen bigger cocks in gay porn mags
citorihunter: wouldn't know about that, don't read gay porn
gothfox: too bad
gothfox: so is your penis an implant?
citorihunter: lol, not to my knowledge
gothfox: but your profile says you like Surgery
citorihunter: yes, i'm doing a sergical residency currently
gothfox: where?
citorihunter: northern CA
gothfox: what city?
citorihunter: bay area
gothfox: bay area isn't in norther CA
gothfox: what hospital?
gothfox: what is the google search going slow?
citorihunter: so you like seattle
Yahoo! Messenger: citorihunter may be offline. If so, the message will still be sent and they will see it next time they log in. (2/20/2002 at 6:50 PM)
gothfox: yes I like seattle
gothfox: do you like the bay area?
citorihunter: most of the time
gothfox: so what hospital do you work at?
citorihunter: several
gothfox: I thought interns only worked at one at a time
citorihunter: no, usually our rotations take us to different hospitals
gothfox: ok
citorihunter: depends on the rotation
gothfox: got it
citorihunter: right now i cover one hospital and several sx centers
gothfox: sx centers?
citorihunter: surgery
gothfox: ok
gothfox: So what can I do for you?
citorihunter: lol...i saw your profile and thought you were cute
gothfox: oh you wanted Cam to Cam play well i'm sorry I don't do that, it's even listed in my profile that I you shouldn't bother with trying. Well yes I'm cute but I reiterate..
gothfox: so where is your cam? just yahoo cam or website cam?
gothfox: you're no fun... have a good night hunting those mysterious citori
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