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some people are ass fucks

what the subject line says!

Oh and his profile rocks! NOT

thugluv416: where u at
thugluv416: aight then lol
gothfox: yes?
thugluv416: what u mean yes?, fuk your cocky ass niga
gothfox: excuse you? you messenged me first!
thugluv416: i jus wanted to chat, and u responde 20 mins later sayin 'yes??' take ur cocky ass and get hit by an eightteen wheeler, niga
gothfox: Sorry I was doing house work... I can tell you would have been a great person to chat with...So do you kiss your mother with that mouth?!
thugluv416: im a nice guy, i jus hate cocky people
thugluv416: cocky closeminded judgemental people
gothfox: really? then stop being one
thugluv416: how am i judging u
thugluv416: then tell me what u meant by 'yes'
gothfox: I meant what do you want?... and how are you judging me.. you've already insulted me for one..
thugluv416: do u normally greet people like that
gothfox: people that I don't know...why yes I do
thugluv416: i asked if u greet people like that all the time, u said people u dotn kno yes u do, so u dont make any new friends if u greet people that way, thereforeeee u must have a fixed amount of friends
thugluv416: think before u cluck gurlie
gothfox: jebus can't you type in english? Or do you always use stupid?
thugluv416: tha fuk are u talkin about
gothfox: you just answered my question thank you
thugluv416: they way i type bothers u?
thugluv416: i couldnt giv a fuk less
thugluv416: most gothic people i kno arent snobs and theyre pretty smart
thugluv416: i guess its jus cuz ur american
thugluv416: americans i find are pretty dense
gothfox: That's nice
thugluv416: god bless america
thugluv416: land of free-dumb
gothfox: wow you must have lots of friends with how nice you are to people
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