Gothfox Designs (gothfox) wrote in cretins,
Gothfox Designs

Do U Cyber!?

BEST Yahoo Converstion EVER!!!!

bigdaddy_888_2000: can i see u on ur cam
gothfox: no i'm not at home
bigdaddy_888_2000: k
bigdaddy_888_2000: well when can i
gothfox: you can check out my site, i'm not on very often
bigdaddy_888_2000: what is it
gothfox: i don't use the yahoo client either because it sucks
bigdaddy_888_2000: u got AOL
gothfox: for what?
bigdaddy_888_2000: i dont know
gothfox: ok
gothfox: that made no sense
bigdaddy_888_2000: do u like to have sex
gothfox: of course i'm human
bigdaddy_888_2000: what kind
gothfox: the kind you have with other people
gothfox: how about your self?
bigdaddy_888_2000: oral sex
bigdaddy_888_2000: i love sex
gothfox: ok
bigdaddy_888_2000: do u like to cyber **only the best line ever to grace the internet!**
gothfox: that is nice... i would assume that 99% of the population likes sex in some form of another..
gothfox: No i don't cyber, I think it's silly and does absolutly nothing for me
bigdaddy_888_2000: i wish i could fuck u right now
gothfox: why?
bigdaddy_888_2000: im so horny
gothfox: ok
bigdaddy_888_2000: what about u
gothfox: I have no clue who you are... i'm not horny at all right now
bigdaddy_888_2000: want to see my pic
gothfox: sure let's see
gothfox: sorry I can't view art files... it will need to be a .jpg or .gif
bigdaddy_888_2000: y
gothfox: sorry
bigdaddy_888_2000: what if i email it to u
gothfox: still cna't view the file type.. i don't use AOL so I have no way to view it
gothfox: sorry
gothfox: can you get it converted or not?
bigdaddy_888_2000: no
gothfox: ok sorry
bigdaddy_888_2000: well got to go sexy
bigdaddy_888_2000: im puttin u on my friends
gothfox: ok have fun jacking off or what ever you are going to do.... take it easy
bigdaddy_888_2000: i will baby
gothfox: ok bye
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