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Cretins!'s Journal

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Thursday, April 8th, 2004
6:31 pm
thegeorgehotel this community appears to have died a death. your aims appear to be the same as ours here at assholetothemax

come join, and bring some of your pet morons with you.

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Wednesday, May 7th, 2003
11:27 pm

this guy is a moron. look at how he tries to pass off this passage as his own:


when i first read the entry, i was horrified. for a second, i thought he had written it, and had developed into some articulate genius [well, genius relative to his intellectual capacity]. then i realized that it was palahniuk. and then i laughed, and of course i had to leave some commentary.

current mood: bitchy

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Thursday, February 27th, 2003
5:47 pm - Ahh, the life of a cretin.

[budzzzz] hey u wanna chat?
[PantyShot] about what
[budzzzz] anythin u want im just stoned and bored as fuck
[PantyShot] uh
[PantyShot] no
[budzzzz] why not?
[PantyShot] i dont feel like it
[budzzzz] well u wanna get laid?
[PantyShot] what??
[PantyShot] you fucking oosik, get a life
[PantyShot] how do you even know im female
[PantyShot] or single
[PantyShot] or a slut
[PantyShot] get real
[budzzzz] well if u were than ud say yes
[PantyShot] uh no i wouldnt
[budzzzz] k nevermind bye
[PantyShot] how do you know im even straight
[PantyShot] how do you know id even find you attractive or vice versa
[budzzzz] well i took a leap of faith
[budzzzz] well if u did i could send u my pic
[PantyShot] yeah. desperation is pretty hot.
[PantyShot] no thanks

current mood: sick

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Wednesday, February 5th, 2003
11:04 pm

Why do people not use their brain cells?

Message I got on TUG:

"why u so hot , your a dyke, cant waste such hot materail on the ladies."

What a tool. Learn to spell at least.

And his profile says things such as:

"I am home for the off season and want to meet some beautiful British Columbian Ladies. I love to Pound, if your interested?"

Oh he lives in Surrey, that explains it...ahaha.

current mood: irritated

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Monday, December 16th, 2002
10:47 pm - wow a post

check out this guestbook entry I got:

Name: it aint a dick so keep it out of your mouth
Comments: why the fuck do you have a web page named "opium poppy feilds" if you dont even smoke it?! is it that your just tryin to look pimp sportin opium on your sight? Pretty fuckin lame i think anyway change the fuckin name and you wont have people like me visiting your broke ass.
Monday, December 16th 2002 - 12:29:03 PM


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Monday, June 17th, 2002
10:36 pm

hey mbarrick told me about this comunity when i posted this conversation on my own LJ today. I had to share it (and just for reference sake i do NOT know this guy.)

157976392: Hello
angeline: do i know ya?
157976392: yes
angeline: and you are?
157976392: David
157976392: arre your breast big
157976392: i like to lick your pussy
angeline: what?
157976392: your vigina and your breast
angeline: ok youre done now
angeline: maybe if you learned to type
157976392: can i have sex with you
angeline: hahahahah
angeline: oh youre funny

current mood: amused

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Tuesday, May 7th, 2002
9:10 pm - Rejection line ;)

Found this wonder of wonders in my friend's journal today:


*giggles* Now I want to call it on my cell to listen. ;)

geek. ^_^

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Sunday, April 14th, 2002
5:52 pm - AOL - Still a Bastion of Stupidity

I just got an e-mail from some horny ass-hAOL trying to hit on somebody in one of the pictures on http://www.gothic.bc.ca

He didn't even realize he was sending the message to the webmaster and not the person in the picture. It wasn't something like, "How can I contact this person?" It was, "hey there cute costume wear it often?"


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Monday, March 18th, 2002
1:44 pm - MBarrick just told me bout this group...

How suiting:-)

This dork has the gift of gab alright!

Session Start (Yahoo! - goth_posh:osamaabbasly): Mon Mar 18 13:30:04 2002
*** Auto-response sent to osamaabbasly: I am currently away from the computer.
osamaabbasly: :)
osamaabbasly: =;
goth_posh: um, do I know you?
osamaabbasly: no
goth_posh: how did you get my yahoo id?
osamaabbasly: from members yahoo
goth_posh: oh
goth_posh: so...um why are you contacting me?
osamaabbasly: i donot know
osamaabbasly: ok
osamaabbasly: =;

current mood: amused

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Friday, March 8th, 2002
1:49 pm - *lick*
nyte poodleplayTM: remember i asked you about licking your nose?
Caistiona: yep
poodleplayTM: do you have any pix of this remarkable feat?
Caistiona: heck no *LOL*

Ok.. so on my web page it says I can lick my nose. Which I can do, but I sure as fark am not going to take a picture of myself doing it!

This is not the first time this guy has asked me to send him a picture. He also has made a yahoo club for people with long tongues. I do NOT have a long tongue, its just a trick I learned as a little kid.

Probably one of the most unusual cretins I have met.. Stupid tongue fetish! ;o)

current mood: giggly

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Wednesday, February 6th, 2002
9:23 pm

Here is a cretin for ya.

He's sure in enough damn communities. Too bad he doesn't have anything intelligent to add. Not to mention he deletes responses to his posts and changes his own constantly to make himself look "good" - what a loser!

current mood: irritated

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Thursday, January 24th, 2002
3:56 pm - Welcome to the world of cretins

Spall64: hey'
OpiumPoppyFields: hi
OpiumPoppyFields: who are you
Spall64: i have some questions bout opium..can u answer them
OpiumPoppyFields: no
Spall64: then why is youre sn opiumpoppyfields?
OpiumPoppyFields: jesus I am sick of this
Spall64: okay im sorry
Spall64: do u do opium?
OpiumPoppyFields: how didyou get my sn
Spall64: some opium webpage
OpiumPoppyFields: yeah probably MY webpage
Spall64: probs
OpiumPoppyFields: where it specifically states (if you read it at all) that my name is just a name, it has nothing to do with opium the drug, I don't do opium, I don't know where to get it, I don't know much about it, so don't even ask me
Spall64: okay sorry..
OpiumPoppyFields: well if you got bombarded with these questions as much as I do, you'd get annoyed as well
Spall64: yea i know
OpiumPoppyFields: when i put on my webpage an FAQ!
Spall64: haha
OpiumPoppyFields: http://sinister.com/~opium/faq.html
OpiumPoppyFields: read it
Spall64: ok
Spall64: so whats youre real name?
OpiumPoppyFields: what does it matter
Spall64: dont piss on my head bitch
OpiumPoppyFields: Oh yeah, that's a great way to get on my good side.
Spall64: do i care youre being a bitch
OpiumPoppyFields: you're the one that started pestering me, so don't be surprised if I get bitchy
Spall64: maybe youre screen name shoguldnt be opiumpoppyseed if you dont want people to IM you bout opium
OpiumPoppyFields: you're the first!
OpiumPoppyFields: and it's not opiumpoppyseed
Spall64: you said people do a lot
OpiumPoppyFields: yeah in email
OpiumPoppyFields: not on here
Spall64: well i was just asking a question then u pissed on my head
OpiumPoppyFields: well if you went to a webpage about opium and managed to find my SN, you should have been able to find my FAQ and read that
Spall64: well maybe no one gives a shit about youre FAQ cause your gay as hell
OpiumPoppyFields: and I have every right to be bitchy because this is annoying
OpiumPoppyFields: Yeah you're right, I'm a dyke. Maybe if you read my webpage you would know that too!
Spall64: well it hink you need to pull the stick out of youre ass cause youre a dueschOpiumPoppyFields: well if you went to a webpage about opium and managed to find my SN, you should have been able to find my FAQ and read
Spall64: youre gay
OpiumPoppyFields: yeah that made sense
Spall64: shut the fuck up
Spall64: youre screen name is gay
OpiumPoppyFields: why should I? You messaged me.
Spall64: i messaged you
Spall64: shut the fuck up you too
Spall64: tool
OpiumPoppyFields: How is it gay? Please enlighten me.
Spall64: because u dont do opium or deal it so why the fuck would it be youre sn
OpiumPoppyFields: Does it fuck other men up the ass?
Spall64: nope i think its a lesbian like you toolbag
OpiumPoppyFields: ah I see
OpiumPoppyFields: yeah a screenname has a sexual preference
OpiumPoppyFields: how silly of me
Spall64: sarcastic piece of shit shut the fuckl up
OpiumPoppyFields: You need some new insults, my friend.
Spall64: yea so do u
Spall64: ugly piece of shit
OpiumPoppyFields: Let's see...how many times now have you said "Shut the fuck up" "Piece of shit" "tool/bag" and "you're gay"
OpiumPoppyFields: maybe I should count.
OpiumPoppyFields: let me guess...you're in high school.
Spall64: yea maybe it will give you something to do loser
OpiumPoppyFields: Maybe you should go back to grade 2 and learn how to spell "You're" and "your" correctly.
Spall64: does it matter mahh look at me im a poppyseed tool
OpiumPoppyFields: If you could read, you'd see it says Fields, not Seed.
Spall64: sorry im not a fucknig spelling pro like u
OpiumPoppyFields: Obviously.
Spall64: Omg youre soo gay
OpiumPoppyFields: Even though I learned the difference in elementary school.
Spall64: yea i bet you were a big tool
Spall64: i bet you were that ugly loser girl with no friends who sat in the corner
OpiumPoppyFields: You're a cretin.
Spall64: riiiiiight and you know waht you are?
Spall64: a big fat tool
OpiumPoppyFields: Wow! I didn't see that one coming!!!!
OpiumPoppyFields: Oh let me guess...
OpiumPoppyFields: I get I should shut the fuck up
OpiumPoppyFields: because I'm gay
OpiumPoppyFields: am I right?
Spall64: nope
Spall64: i was thinking mayvbe you should go screw youreself with that stick thats stuck up youre ass
OpiumPoppyFields: You mean "Your ass"
OpiumPoppyFields: Otherwise you'd be saying "up you are ass"
Spall64: nope pretty sure i typed youre thanks
OpiumPoppyFields: God you're pathetic.
OpiumPoppyFields: Getting more people to message me.
Spall64: god youre gay
OpiumPoppyFields: lol
Spall64: lol yea thats cool
Spall64: not
OpiumPoppyFields: LOL!!!!!!!! You just burned yourself you moron.
Spall64: explain please b/c how i see it youre just fucked up in the head and dont get it
Spall64: yea thats waht i thought tool
Spall64: see if u read it i said lol yea thats cool making fun of lol then u said it again because youre a dumb bitch
OpiumPoppyFields: stop wasting my time.
Spall64: what time tool
OpiumPoppyFields: goodbye little boy
Spall64: too bad im not a boy
OpiumPoppyFields: that's even more pathetic


D00ky123: hi
OpiumPoppyFields: yes?
D00ky123: u suck at life
OpiumPoppyFields: Are you one of SPall's little idiot friends?
D00ky123: what the fuck are u talking about
OpiumPoppyFields: Well what do you want
D00ky123: i am one of spalls firends
OpiumPoppyFields: Wow what a surprise
D00ky123: are u a homosexual by cahnce
OpiumPoppyFields: Yeah I like pussy. Now go away/
D00ky123: u like pussy
D00ky123: do u eat it
D00ky123: i eat muff
D00ky123: your moms
OpiumPoppyFields: good for you
OpiumPoppyFields: wow that was mature
D00ky123: yeah im only 12 do i ahve to be mature for u or somthing
OpiumPoppyFields: ohhh that makes sense
OpiumPoppyFields: how old is your little friend
D00ky123: ummmmm
D00ky123: go fuck yourself
OpiumPoppyFields: And I'm sure 12 year olds eat muff.
D00ky123: yeah your moms
D00ky123: she gives it up like nothing
OpiumPoppyFields: Go whack off to the Sears catalogue some more.
D00ky123: yeah? what the fuck does that mean
OpiumPoppyFields: Stop wasting my time little boy/
D00ky123: fuck u will do whatever the fuck i want u fucking bitch

current mood: aggravated

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Wednesday, January 23rd, 2002
11:38 am - Got Cretins?
nyte I have a profile on GotBlack.com. Its a page my friend Joi runs.. It features a profile of the moment, I was a moment the other week.

I didnt realise how many stupid idiots are out there looking for ANYONE to talk to them.

I got a letter from one guy saying he will be in Lansing next summer and since he will probably bump into me, he wanted to start talking to me now. (I dont plan on bumping into him). Some guy with extremely bad English asked me to marry him and move to "his country" where he would "treat me like a queen". (Again, no thank you)

And then we get to Mr. Ramon. I am sure many of you have probably heard from him. He write saying that he is curious if he is too old to be part of the gothic lifestyle. DO NOT WRITE BACK! Don't try to be compassionate and say there isnt an age limit, because it will be followed by a flood of e-mails about Kon and TOOL. If you write back telling him to piss off, he will respond with many many letters calling you foul names and attempting to insult.

It can be amusing.. but I have many e-mail address for different mailing list, so this guy has written to me about 8 times. hehe..

current mood: giggly

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Monday, January 21st, 2002
4:19 am - How's this for a truly disgusting conversation?

re: hi
MelsyWSOU: hi there
re: do u enjoy casual sex?
MelsyWSOU: I don't do that
re: y not
re: sex is fun right?
MelsyWSOU: I'm not big on it
re: wow u must be terrible at it then
re: u just lay there huh?
MelsyWSOU: No, for reasons I don't have to explain., I've never been big on it.
re: molested?
re: or raped?
MelsyWSOU: I'm not going to explain
re: a bit of both?
MelsyWSOU: I'm not going to anser
re: I understand
re: its not like ur the only person thats happened to
re: nothing to be secretive about
re: its ok

I erased most of the name to protect the identity. But anyways, is this any ofthis person's goddamn business. Fuckers!

current mood: irritated

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Wednesday, January 16th, 2002
10:51 am - HuH?

hi...I'm a black male, 5'11, 34, 170pds...I seem to attract white women who like to be controled...smiling.

*sigh* why do I bother logging on? I don't even have that screename listed.

current mood: aggravated

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