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How's this for a truly disgusting conversation?

re: hi
MelsyWSOU: hi there
re: do u enjoy casual sex?
MelsyWSOU: I don't do that
re: y not
re: sex is fun right?
MelsyWSOU: I'm not big on it
re: wow u must be terrible at it then
re: u just lay there huh?
MelsyWSOU: No, for reasons I don't have to explain., I've never been big on it.
re: molested?
re: or raped?
MelsyWSOU: I'm not going to explain
re: a bit of both?
MelsyWSOU: I'm not going to anser
re: I understand
re: its not like ur the only person thats happened to
re: nothing to be secretive about
re: its ok

I erased most of the name to protect the identity. But anyways, is this any ofthis person's goddamn business. Fuckers!
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